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Hover Chair?

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Guest pokey

son of a ! SOooooooooo THAT's where my 2nd grade chair ended up ? ! :lol:


I had a few of those R/C helicopters wayyyyyyyy back in 1983 or so, werent cheep back then & i doubt they got any cheeper. Not all that easy to fly either, interesting concept for R/C, but? i highly doubt it has a place in "real" helicopter training.


PLUS ? when you lose control of the thing? yer stuck in that chair & if its headed towards ya? YIKES ! :o

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Just thinking about a cost comparison; if it takes you 10 hours at $200 per to learn to hover that's about $2000.


Time, effort and money to build hover chair- $500

Time, effort and money to buy RC Helicopter - $500

Looking like an idiot in your front yard- Priceless


I'd rather loose the grand.

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Hey, where's my T handle? Whats this stick thing doing between my legs ??


Hey....this isnt my R 22 !!

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U R A sick individual :D :lol:



1. yes I am


2. The chair thingy looked so light and flimsy I just figured it had to be a 22 until I looked at the cyclic!


3. Yes, I love to slam the lil bird, but I still fly em !

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