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S-61 crash

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Actually, if you look at the pix and the story, it came out well indeed - no one hurt after a catastrophic inflight structural failure. Given that "awesome" has a meaning closer to "impressive" than "great", it's fairly accurate.

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West Coaster


It says at the very beginning of the pictures that nobody got hurt.

When I look at them I still think it's awesome that everyone walked away unhurt from that helo.

Maybe I'm more easily impressed than you, but I thought people would be interested so I posted the link.



If you're interested, there's a discussion about the incident with comments by RAF pilots here >> Link





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awe·some ( P ) Pronunciation Key (ôsm)


Inspiring awe: an awesome thunderstorm.

Expressing awe: stood in awesome silence before the ancient ruins.


awe ( P ) Pronunciation Key (ô)


A mixed emotion of reverence, respect, dread, and wonder inspired by authority, genius, great beauty, sublimity, or might: We felt awe when contemplating the works of Bach. The observers were in awe of the destructive power of the new weapon



Same word I would have used.......

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