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Learning while commuting?

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I spend about 10 hours a week driving around listening to the same sh#t music.I know there must be something more constructive to do with that time,like studying!.

Does anybody know of any decent audio training guides?.I would prefer something that was humorous but highly informative,kind of like ground school in the car.

I would also find it a lot easier to remember if each topic was explained by beautiful women from different parts of the world(i'm a sucker for accents).



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Very cheap is to practice your RT whilst driving.


You sound like a prat, but give yourself clearences to join highways, change lanes, turn right, speed restrictions etc...etc...


"Car1, turn right at the lights and make your speed 50 or less."


"Roger, turn right at the lights and make my speed 50 or less, Car1"


"Approach, Car 1, requesting lane deviation for traffic."


"Car 1, approved!"


"Car 1, approach."


"Go ahead!."


"Car 1, behind the large juggernaught passing from right to left, you are clear to turn right onto highway 32."


"Roger, behind the juggernaught, turning right onto highway 32 behind. Car 1."


Like I said, you sound like a right pillock, but it helped me.



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