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B3 Weight & Balance

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We have started operating B3's for tourism. They are left hand drive, six passenger configuration. Based on our weight and balance program, we have to add ballast up front for single pilot ops and move the ballast to the rear baggage compartment when carrying six passengers!

Interested to know if anyone has run into this problem?

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We also ran into that CG problem. If you put weight in the tail it messes up your solo pilot flights. Too much weight in the nose, over fwd CG with 6 Pass. I think there is a battery mod to put the battery near the rear baggage compartment. Has anyone used this battery mod and does it help?

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Guest Heli HK

We actually have one A/C with the battery mod, and the other with the battery in the tailboom. Both aircraft require ballast when operated solo with a pilot who is 70kg or less, and with six passengers all of our pilots require ballast in the rear!

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We had a B3 with the rear battery mod and it worked OK, as our pilots were (ahem!) not underweight....


It took some manipulation of the passengers to keep the CG right, but usually all the slim young lovelies went in front next to the pilot, the bustiest next to the pilot's right elbow, and their grumpy male partners went into the rear.

Not all that much elbow or shoulder room in either front or rear, and sometimes the rear seaters were sitting one-back-one-forward to be able to shut the door. A ditching would have seen passengers drowning, I am sure.

And sometimes we carried jerries of water in the boot to balance it up.

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