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I know there is an EMS forum but I don't think it gets checked often. I am just looking for a list of educated questions to ask a prospective EMS base. Scene calls vs Transfer ratio, base conditions, amount of hours/calls a shift, etc. Any and all help welcome.


Thanks guys...and probably gals,



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First question should be hours flown a year on average. Some days you won't get a single call, other days you won't set foot out of the machine for hours.


Also check out the base facility. You spend a lot of down time there.


Ask about company SOP. At what point does a call get a no-go?


What's their safety record? (You might want to make this your 2nd question)

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Everything you mentioned so far.....


-Scenes vs transfers - Hospital transfers get really boring and in some states, that's about all you do.

-How many flights and hours a month

-How many flights day vs night

-Living conditions - house, trailer, hospital, apartment and ammenities (stove, oven, showers, DSL, TV, PS2, private rooms, etc.)

-Do they provide housing when you're on-hitch, off-shift

-Do they do HEMES shifts (24-72 hrs) vs the standard 12


-Thoroughly get them to explain how overtime works.....do you get true time+half for anything over you assigned weekly shifts, or do you only get it for an extra shift vs extra hours

-Do you get paid the full rate for education, base meetings, etc plus the drive time to them

-How much extra $$$ for doing workovers at other bases (mileage, per diem, bonus)

-Yearly bonus, profit sharing, 401K, health insurance, vacation / sick time (and how to use it)


-Ask around about the base you're interested....find out the turnover rate. High turnover = troublemakers are still there.

-Don't directly ask about a training contract, but try to find out.


-One of the most importance things, find out if you have a BASE mechanic, how close they live, how far away is the weekend mechanic

-Another, find out about wx minimums and how strict they are about them. Ask if their pilots have ever gotten a call questioning their decision (I never have......)


Finally, just ask how much the base line guys like their jobs! Whatever company this is, just find some of their other bases and give the pilot-on-duty a call and ask. Most of the time their bored out of their mind, sick of listening to medical mumbo-jumbo from the two med crew and will give anything to talk good ol' pilot smack. Why do you think I post so much on this bored(sp)??

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