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A visa problem

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I hope that you can help me with a visa problem.


I live in the Netherlands and I want to become a helopilot. In 2007 I will go to the USA for the training but im not sure which school. HAI in florida offers you a J-1 visa which will allow me to train and work for 2 years.


There is also a helicopterschool at Hawaii where im verry interested in, but they issue a M-1 visa. This visa is only for training for just 1 year. The school hires most of its students for 2 years and they help you with getting the 2 year H-3 visa. But when you do the complete training in one year and they dont wont you; you'll have to go back to Europe with an American license and only 200 hrs. You dont have a chance of working in Europe with that.


Now, some people are telling me that it is possible to do the PPL and IR on the M-1, and then talk to the school if there is a verry big chance that they will hire you. If they say that they probably wont hire you, then you can still go to HAI or Hillsboro to do your CPL an instructor ratings. Is this true?


I hope you can help me!!



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All BS!


Flight schools will always say there's a possibility of hiring. The only thing you can do is get your PPL on a M-1 and then apply for a J-1. Gives you more time. It's nice of you to try and work it all out, but don't try to be to smart, it will kick you in the a...


There are no guarantees in helicopter flying.

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so they embassy cant refuse to give me the J-1 visa after training on M-1 (PPL+IR)? that would be great, then you can make many hours on the J-1 ass an instructor!


Be carefull,

as fare as I know you can apply for a J1 after you had a M1, of course from home not while you are in the US. But you can´t have the PPL + IR. I think the is a rule which said that can´t apply for a J1 if you have more than the PPL + 50 h.


And there is the possibility that the US gov. change the rules for J1. The plan is to cut the J1 down to 18 mo. and to prohibit working as a CFI.

I don´t believe that this BS is going to happen, but you never now.


So I would recommend to apply for a J1 before they change the rules.


I think there are three flightschools with a J1 program. I´m a student in Hillsboro and I´m very happy with them.


Have a nice day



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