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Impressive EMT landing and ground taxi...on an expressway.

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Not trying to Monday Night quartback here, but was the risk worth the gain? I was cringing the whole time thinking he was going to have a M/R strike.......


We only had one viewpoint, and it could have been just fine with no clearance problems if viewed from another direction. Just a thought on both sides of the fence. Wold love to have the pilots perspective and take on the situation.

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I completely agree......All these crazy firefighters always try to land me 10 feet from the scene. I try to land at least 100 feet from it to keep from blowing broken glass, rocks, whatever all over the personnel and patients. Also, there's always people trying to take pictures or see their family member--basically, not thinking about a helicopter being right there.


For the time it took him to pick up, reposition, taxi, and secure the a/c, his med crew just could have walked down the hill. There's always a dozen firefighters around to help push or carry the stretcher. But I wasn't there....maybe there was a fence or steep down off we can't see.


The other night they set me up to land between two 75ft+ tall powerlines. The road split and so did the wires. The third side of the "wedge" was 30-40 ft trees, but I could come over those and still be into the wind. Two orbits and I started coming in over the trees. I stopped at about 100 ft and looked at the poles with the NighScanner--wires everywhere plus guy wires, basically too many to keep track of at night. I flew 200 yard down the street and landed in a DollarGeneral parking lot with plenty of light and those tall wires only on one side.


Screwing around with this horrible LZ added 5-6 minutes to patient care (and this was 5 minutes this victim didn't have). They could have driven 2 minutes up the street to a pre-designated LZ before I even got there and I would have had a 30 second approach into there. Scary thing was I had just given these jokers a LZ class 2 weeks ago and explained this same scenario to them....guess they weren't paying attention.



PS: John90290....Be careful saying EMT around a helicopter medcrew--you might get slapped. I think it's like calling an oral surgeon a "dentist" because they getting pretty peev'd about it. We always have two nurses or a nurse & paramedic on board.

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