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New Ideas for the site

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I just wanted to remind everyone that this is your website. We need new ideas and other material to include on the site.


If you have an original article you want to publish on Vertical Reference please send it to me via email: info@verticalreference.com


The site will go through another overhaul this winter so get your ideas in and we'll incorporate it into the new format.





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Hi, Rey. :)


I'm a newbie and with no real right to request anything on your great site. But nonetheless, I'd just like to add an anti-spam request for your consideration with respect to site overhaul.


Perhaps an "anti-spam" blurb in Board Guidelines and a limit to the number of links in a post (another form of flood control, I believe) would dissuade and make it more difficult for all the internet pharmaceutical, pen pal (pffft! whatever! :P), et al spammers to pollute the site with garbage. Such posts detract from the validity, authority and quality of Vertical Ref, in my opinion. <_<


That is all. :rolleyes:


Cheers! -TQN

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