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Attn: EC-130 Users

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To all those out there, working on or flying the EC-130-B4 we would like to ask for your feedback and comments on the type. Anything you can post here for others that might be looking at the type would be very helpful.


Thanks in advance for your help and please pass this forum along to others you know of that fly or work or fix them.


Heli Ops

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Would love a stretch version. Biggest complaint for the B3 Astar is it can lift the weight but it doesn't have the room inside. Can we have a tilted mast so the helicopter lands level in a B4? How does Blue Hawaiian like theirs?

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Per request, here is my take: We now operate five EC 130 "EcoStars". We have been very pleased with the aircraft in all respects except for the aircondioning. Poor performance and support from the manufacturer Liebher. Frustrated, we recently worked with Aero Aire and achieved an excellent system and would now like to change all to the Aero Aire. Better performance, CG, ease of maintenance and yet less weight! All of a sudden we seem to have the attention of Liebher. About time! Otherwise, this aircraft is the next generation in every respect. What really surprised me was the fuel consumption. Turbomeca was projecting it to be around 52 gallons per hour yet it burns less than our AS350B2's. We're averaging around 45 gallons per hour.

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