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Howdy all,


Rey and I have a pretty good working relationship so I am hopeful that he will not mind me posting a little notice regarding Justhelicopters.com. - Thanks Rey.....


Anyway, this morning we had a server go kerplunk with some database corruption, thereby causing the main website along with the Alternate forum to go offline. They are in the process of switching to a new server and restoring from a backup.


The Original Forum which sits on another server is still up and running @ Justhelicopters Original Forum


I know that there are people that love that forum, hate that forum, love to hate that forum and a bunch of crossovers between this one and that one and that's all OK. This message is for the crossovers that may be wondering why JH is down at the moment. Hopefully we will have her back up and running soon.


Thanks for the patience and thanks again Rey. Keep up the good work at VR!


Lyn - Justhelicopters.com

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