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Eurocopter Customer Support

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I have flown Eurocopter products ranging from the SA315B to the SA365 and I'm a big fan BUT their customer support is appalling, at least in the areas I've worked. The attitude from France when waiting for a part, even when AOG, is "you'll get it when you get it." They make a lot of noise about improving their support, putting the customer first etc, etc, but I have yet to see any improvement. I complained via their feedback facility on their website last time we were AOG for a week and received a polite email saying my complaint would be passed on. That's the last I heard from them. I've heard similar complaints from other operators. What's more the factory spares are grossly overpriced. There, I feel better now.

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We rang, after a week, to check when our AOG part for our "under warrenty" EC120 might arrive, to be told that "we forgot to send it" !!!

If Eurocopter put as much time and effort into improving their customer service as they put into TELLING everyone that they have/are improving, Then they might not be the "laughing stock" of the Industry.

My opinion seems common- great helicopters, custormer service? "we don't need no stinking customer service"(french accent)  :angry:

non corundum illigitime
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November 2002, in the middle of NSW fires, we were down for a week following impending seizure of the 90 TRG on my BK117, which was new from the factory in March 2002.  (It seized on the bench after removal....).


We are still waiting for ZF Gearboxes, via Eurocopter Germany, to even tell us what is wrong with the box, let alone repair and return it.  In the meantime, I am being charged rental on the loan TRG from Eurocopter  :(

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Hello People,

I am working as a consultant with an approved parts vendor who specializes in Eurocopter / Turbomeca parts and components, and they asked me to compile a list of Eurocopter/Turbomeca parts vendors and maintenance/service providers on Asia-Pacific/Australia/New Zealand Area. The reason for this task is that this company is readying its capability to support AS350/AS350 models through vendor contacts and service providers. If your company or organization happens to be an approved vendor for Eurocopter/Turbomeca parts and components, and or   approved service center for EC/TM models, please contact us with your complete company details, contact person, contact number and email, and we are interested to work with you, as we have a huge inventory of parts that we can offer to your organization at price much lower than Eurocopter/Turbomeca. Our company is also buying/purchasing excess EC/TM parts and inventories which maybe needing inspection, overhaul and repair. Thanks and hoping to hear from you soon. Bernard Villanueva, Capital Aviation LLC. Tel: +63-917-8373607 / Fax: +63-2-4588143 / Email: bong_dv@ispbonanza.com.ph

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