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A step closer

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Hey guys...been a while with exams and that.


School is finished now and i just got my results which were straight B's through 10 subjects which will allow me entry to college.


I start my aeronautical engineering course on the 4th of september which will last 2 years maybe slightly less. The college in Farnborough College of Technology (about 300 yards from Farnborough Airport UK)...you know....that little airshow every 2 years :P


My parents have bought me an hour trial again as a well done for school etc and so when the whether is a little kinder i will be using that and see if it is actually possible to be the first 16 year old to hover after about 90 minutes TT :D Almost had it last time but the 20knot headwind made things differcult.


Well, just wanted to say that im a bit closer to my dream but still along way to go. So if anyone needs a young pilot to train and more importantly pay for then drop me an email :rolleyes:



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