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Warrant Officer Program questions

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I have been chatting with an army recruiter and so far he has basically informed me that If I pass the necessary physicals, score a GTQT of 110+, and pass the AFAST. I will basically be guranteed a position in a Heli pilot seat(before I sign anything). Now I know these guys can front alot of BS, so I would like some insight on the topic.


Since I have no college experience what are my chances? Will they really be able to gurantee me a spot? or am I walking into a trap? What types of questions are on the AFAST and what should I study?


I took the ASVAB practice test at the recruiting station and scored a AFQT of 69....


Any info would be greatly appreciated, I would really love to fly in the army or navy, but only if im FLYING, i dont want to get shoved into some other job.


Also how would going through a program such as embry riddle, help me? Will the armed forces reimburseme for my costs of schooling?

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You will not be reimbursed for any schooling for which you pay. Period.


Military recruiters are under intense pressure now, and many have been charged with crimes in connection with recruiting. One group in the pacific northwest resorted to kidnapping, and the family had to get a lawyer to get their kid out after the recruiters showed up in uniform at the home and told him he had to go with them. They took him down and wouldn't let him go until a lawyer got a writ of habeas corpus. Don't believe anything a recruiter tells you, even if he promises that the sun will come up in the east tomorrow. It might not. Get everything in writing, in a contract. Then take it to a lawyer before you sign it. The recruiter won't like it, but it's your life that he's dealing with.

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ViperKiller, education always helps. In general any tuition assistance is going to be either while you are actively in the military or by the VA after you get out. I think the best you can get guaranteed is an entry to the program, and I'm not sure the Army will even do that. I believe the other services won't even select fixed or rotor until you've completed the initial flight training. If you wash out of flight training for any reason you will be assigned to whatever that service needs at the moment, and you will be obligated to complete your term of service. As far as recruiters go by all means make sure you get everything in writing. In the military if it isn't in writing it didn't happen. That kidnapping BS was a case of Mommy didn't want her boy to join the Marines and didn't like him going to recruiting events, so don't worry, they won't use force....


And with all due respect, Gomer, the Army is repaying student loans as an enlistment incentive right now, not that I would recommend getting a loan just for that reason.

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You will have to, with the help of your recruiter, submit a packet and be selected by the accession board. Once that happens then you go and sign all the paper to the effect of putting you in the Army. There is no contract before that.


If for some stupid reason (which doesnt happen much) you fail either WOCS or fail out of flight school, if you were a civilian applicant, you will be most likely be released from active duty. On an outside chance they retain you after a failure in the flight school portion after WOCS, then they will retain you in a Warrant Officer position in which you are qualified to be in. Those are very few and only incude Military Attache or some other MOS in which you had a skill that meets the requirements for from you civilian life and the only thing I can think of off hand would be in the IT field.


Bottom line: If you fail out of WOCS or flight school, you wont be expected to serve in the dreaded Infantry for the 6 years. That just isnt true. Not going to happen.

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