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Thought I would inquire.. how are you doing with your autorotations?


I think I was at about the same level you were as far as AR's went about 3 weeks ago. Since then I've always tried to get a few in during each lesson. It's coming along good, I'm much more relaxed, but nowhere near being as proficient as my CFI ( Brian at Tomlinson Aviation). I'm trying to pack in as much flying as I can. I currently work for Harley Davidson as the Technology Director, so I'm already very busy with that. It's not a career change for me, just another exciting hobby, so time is hard to find to fly. I'm lucky to be so close to Tomlinson Aviation ( I can't help myself, I must give them props), they are right in my back yard. Only 6 miles from my home and 2 miles from my office.


I've found that in the beginning, if I didn't fly for several days, I had "rust" to shake off and it would take me a few minutes to relax again, particularly when I was learning to hover (what a mess I was). Looking back, during my first few hours, I thought I would never be able to do it. Same for the autorotations, I'm slowly (and I mean slowly), getting the hang of it.


So back to the original question? How goes the autos?




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I don't know, I haven't flown for two weeks.


I took last weekend off to go camping on the coast-40kts from the north. The bird also had a rotor overspeed. So that got cancelled. Nick took himself off the schedule for this weekend, so that's out but the bird is back. I'll fly next Saturday.


The break has given me a chance to look at the test prep book. A lot of it I remember from 86, but what's this new crap? I think I got in the mid 80's on that written.


Anyway, should solo sometime in September. Then we have to move my mother-in-law into the house. Oh joy.


I've been thinking about the autos again. I had a dream a few nights ago that I was flying with one of the grandkids-got 6-and we did an auto after doing a cross country lite. He liked so much that we did a couple more. Mother-in-law didn't like it though. I have got to stop eating broccoli before going to bed.



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