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EC 120 B1??

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I was over in Sydney last week and asked the question to Eurocopter and was told that they have, at this stage, no intention of making a B1 version of the EC120. The logic is they dont want to compete with an AS350.


So there you have it, straight from Eurocopter.


Heli Ops  :devil:

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Its supposed to compete with the Jet Ranger. It seems funny to me that everyone expects it to match a 350 D,B. Why don't operators buy the right helicopter for the job they want performed? Wouldn't it be nice if manufacturers left the gross weight and performance characteristics of a helicopter the same when they do a product upgrade! But no, lets just run it to the brink. :alien:
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Hi all,

new to this forum, but I like it already!!


Amodao you are right! The 120 was made to beat the 206, which it does nicely, until you need al little altitude....

You are also right, that EC can't make it a whole lot "better" or they beat on their A-Stars.


BUT, what would it cost to put some electronics/mechanics into the machine and at least compensate for lost power at altitude?

The basic Arrius engine design can provide up to 715 hp MCP, according to EC135 data - Arrius 2B2.

According to the EC120 Flight Manual we have an Arrius 2F with 450 hp continous or 432 hp with torque limitation.


I know the transmission will not take 715 for long, but that's not what I am asking for anyway - I would like to get the 432 MCP the trans can take all the way up, where the JetRanger is taking over again!

The Flight Manual is rather optimistic on altitude performance, to say the least.......


I also don't ask for more weight, speed, power, just more altitude - THEN the EC120 will wack the 206 ANYWHERE, except with customer service......

Right now, it beats the 206 only on the beach (below about 4000 feet).



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I think some of you guys are missing the point.I do not want a new engine in the 120.The same engine will do, but why not up the limit on the gearbox to use more of that power?And as for the bigger blades-it is not to compete with the 350s.It is to reduce the vibrations in the cabin.I have not flown one 120 that does not vibrate badly(compared to AS350).It will never compete with the 350s as long as its got the 4 pax seats and the weight limitations ::dancing1finger::
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