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Hughes OH3A and Hiller parts?


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I am buying a farm from a man who had planned on building an experimental helicopter, he has some parts still lying around in the shop and wants to know the best way to market them or what they are worth. Here is an exert from an email that he sent me.


"The main rotor blades I believe to be from a Hughes (don't know if spelling is right) 0H 3A the Part #369A 1100 also has #369A 1153 on it. Re tracked in 1971.


Tail rotor is brand new never used from a Hiller. It is the model with the small bolt holding the blade on.


The rotor head I was going to use is from a tail rotor Bell Part # 204-011-728-19 Seral #A3-53145 .Also had BH 23 stamped on it.


There is a ball joint and sleeve I was going to use for the swash plate gimbel."


He said that he can email pictures also. If anyone has any knowledge of the worth of these parts or the best way to sell them I would greatly appreciate it.


Chad Trenary


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unless they have records & history (logbooks). My advice is separate the aluminum from the steel & get the best price that a scrap dealer will give you. Even with records? sounds like these parts been sitting around a while & may need "hi-dollar" inspections/certifications to be used again. There is always ebay too.

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