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Jobs overseas (Iraq, A-stan, etc) ?


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I dont know specifically what companies operate in either of those theatres, but there certainly are civillians flying there. I've heard rumors from military people in country saying that mechanics are in short supply and field maint. depts. are unprepared for desert environment ops. And of course we all remember those cowards gunning down an injured and unarmed ukranian helicopter pilot who was shot down.

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I'd like to know if private security companies in the middle-east sometimes employ civilian pilots for jobs there or if military experience is a must.


Anyone knows?


If you are not prior military with plenty of goggle experience and time in specific aircraft, then you have pretty much no chance of getting a job there. I did two tours in the Middle East when I was in and it was probably the most challenging environment I've ever flown in. Putting guys into birds that don't have prior military experience, especially in theater, would probably be an accident waiting to happen and why the companies won't do it.


Just my two-cents.



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