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Hey all, pretty sure that this has been answered at some point but could not find an answer useing the search function. What are your thoughts in regard to starting out fixed wing and transitioning to rotary? Is it a waste of time or a way to cut costs? I know that they are 2 different animals but wasn't sure how much I could take from one to the other. The reason I ask is that there is a fixed wing flight school less than a mile from me but the nearest helo school is about an hour, and they only go to PPL so I would have to move which is not an option at this time in my life due to semi-decent career and a custody battle :unsure: . Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated.

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I got my fixed wing 1st, but then again MY situation was not to become a professional helicopter pilot, i wanted to own my own plane & eventually helicopter,,,, which i did, AFTER i quit a decent paying job & went to A&P school. Everyone is different & has different reasons for doing the same things.


As long as you know the differences in the 2 types of aircraft?--yes it can be hard to "teach an old dog new tricks"-----main problem is gonna be your "feet"

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