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your jobs before aviation


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Gas station attendant/service

Recieving Clerk

Salesman auto/home

State Correctional Officer

USAF-Fire Truck Maint

Apprentice machinest

Parts Salesman

Fire Truck mech again

Steel Shot Blaster

2 times- Grocery Store Clerk

Parts Salesman again

John Deere Tech

Service/Parts Dodge Dealer

John Deere Tech again

Sears Home Service Tech

Heli's Training- part time

John Deere Tech again- and currently


all since Jr. High...lol


P.S. and 3 part time side buisness's.. for extra income.

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Hee hee hee...


Gas station attendant, Air Force, pizza delivery, truck driver, student, CNA, assembler, dishwasher, janitor, carpenter, mechanic, and right now, assembler/mechanic and troubleshooter.


Dang, I'm a jack of all trades.


I rock.



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My latest job is a lab tech for a small biological/veternary medicine manufacturer. That got me through college where I found that a degree in history really is just as worthless as everyone says it is.

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Gas station pump jockey, pizza delivery driver, video rental customer service, hollywood production assistant, sound engineers' assistant, assistant production manager for an orchestra, operations manager for a nasa education program, and bin filler in a warehouse (couldn't take that last one for too long)


right now I'm a full time flight student, and can't wait to start flying for a living (can you believe they'll pay us to do this!?)



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Construction. Steel fabrication and erection services. Cranes, service trucks, welders, excavators, etc. Concrete work. This is still on going and helps to support aviation.


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Where to start...

After school & the army....

Part-time: Waiter, Bartender, driving money transports & excavators


- A short period working on a fish farm

- A coule of years in Electronics Tech-Support

The last 1,5 years before starting flying i worked as an Offffshore Account Manager for a International Electronics company.


All the time, just waiting to get the chance to fly....

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Went from making virtually no money skiing in utah to making virtually no money flying...not that big of a jump except for the debt. Also did bridge construction in the summmers...bossman, bridges or buildings?


We do installation, maintenence, and repair of coal preparation facilities. Conveyors, field fabrication, chutes,



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