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Flight Training and Tax Deductions

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So I've started flight training and like everyone else my bank account is hemoraging $$$.

I am training from PPL to CFII with the intention to start my career as a CFI and onward.


My question is, can you deduct your flight training expenses if you're not yet working as a CFI? Do you have to wait to start earning revenue before you can deduct these expenses? Does anyone have any experience with their own taxes doing this?


I work in a different field of aviation and it is common practice to deduct everything from meals on the road to common airtime as "training expenses".


I know this is more of a question for an accountant, but with so many people entering the industry on this forum, I wanted to see if anyone was doing this themselves.



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Guest rookie101







The second link may or may not answer your question but it deals with deductibles none the less so you may find it useful. I found these topics via the search the feature at the top of the board index, use that and it should answer a lot of your questions (including this one).

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