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Anti glare windows/lenses for photo flights?


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one of our customers likes to hire us for a long photo mission (approx 200-400 locations).

So far so good, but we have a "door issue" - we're getting close to the colder season here at the east cost (had a photo flight into Philly today... just the left door off but - *brrr* :mellow: )


Thicker clothes are not an option because on top of it the photographer has a fear of heights. :o


to make a long story short here my two questions:

1. I heard of anti glare lenses for the camera - how good are they? any recommendations?

2. any foils or replacement for the normal schweizer door?


any inputs are greatly appreciated!

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Try a polarizing filter on the lens. Oh, get the kind that rotates and that'll work fer ya. They work great at eliminating reflections.


Also, put a skylight filter on there too. That'll help with those annoying reflections in the lens.



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A circular polarizer will help with glare, as will the skylight filter, but the door can still appear in the image. Also, the curved plastic will refract light, which can make the photo look a little funny.


If your flying a R22, there is a door (aftermarket or robbie, I don't know) that has a photographers window in it. I don't know if there is one for a schweizer.

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Thanx guys!

Meanwhile I found a good thread on another forum where Ned expained the ups and downs (more the downs :P ) of shooting through the plastic...


Yes HelliBoy I also found the company who's manufacturing these windows - I call 'em today.


again, thanks a lot!



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