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Flight training hours

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Ok, so most students don't get their private in the 40 hours minimums, probably because of time needed to learn hovering and to get autorotations down etc... Question is, does the extra time it takes a student to get their private and instrument count twoards the commercial rating? I.E. even though a student might take 45-55 hours before their instructor feels there ready to checkout, could they still get a commercial in 150 or a little more? It seems like it would make sense or alot of students risk "running dry" on funds.

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Yes, it is 150 hours regardless of how many hours it took to get the PPL or instrument.


Similarly though, that 150 hrs is a minimum too. If you are not ready to take the checkride, your instructor shouldn't put you up for it, just because you have 150 hrs!


So don't coun't on that...budget for a little more, and hope to get change.


If everthing is done as slickly as possible, you should be ready 'around' the 150 hr mark +/- 15 hrs.



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However, you'll still need 100 hrs of PIC time to get your commercial. So, before your private, that's solo time only. Including and after your private checkride, that's all PIC.


So if it takes you 70 hrs to get your Private and 10 of that is solo/PIC, you'll need another 90 hrs + 70 hrs = 160 total hours.


Keep in mind that airplane time counts toward the total and PIC times.

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Also worth mentioning is that most schools require 200 hundred hours for CFI (the FAA requires it for the robinson) and if you budget for that you'll be in good shape, theres nothing worse than seeing someone run out of money 10 hours short of their CFI or have a hard time getting that first job because they only have 180 hrs.

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