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Help finding sunglasses

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Randolph Engineering makes quality sunglasses. NASA issues them, as do the military services. I have a pair that I was given by Professional Pilot magazine as a random selection for a reply to a survey. I like them, but they're the standard grey, and I prefer brown for flying. Brown definitely helps with contrast, seeing traffic, birds, and other stuff in blue haze.


I have a couple of good frames I got from Hidalgo's way back when, which work well under a headset or helmet, memory metal that won't warp and is almost indestructible, while still very thin. I also found my vision going in my early 40s, but amazingly it started coming back as I neared 60, and I passed my last two physicals with no restrictions, albeit with a lot of squinting on the near vision test. So don't despair, although you may end up wearing trifocals under your tinted visor. I wore them for awhile, then found SmartSegs, which are like standard bifocals but with just the bifocal part being progressive, so no blurry area around the sides. Sadly, they're no longer sold. Happily, I don't need to wear glasses while flying now. :D Hidalgo's has a large selection of aviator glasses, and can put prescription lenses in most of their frames. I've bought a lot of stuff from there over the years, and always had a good experience.

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I'm 45 and this year is the first year my eyesight dipped below 20/20. I never gave it a second thought before, but now reality has hit me that one of these days I'm going to need prescription lenses. What do you all do about that? Can you get RayBans with a prescription?


You made it to 45 without glasses,...consider yourself fortunate, I've been wearing them all my life. You can definitely get RayBans with RX lenses, I got mine at LensCrafters (in the mall).


When you get to 60 though, you can just get cataract surgury. My Dad did recently, and he no longer needs glasses (one good thing about getting old, I guess).


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I got Oakley Antix for when I don't wear my helmet. I chose them because they have big lenses which cover well and you can't see the frames while your wearing them. Also the stems are very flat against your head. I got them cheaper than retail online and later got amber lenses for them. They work great even on overcast days and you can really spot the storms with them.

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I have worn prescription Oakley Juliets for the last 5 years and they have been great!

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