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Engineering Drawings for Landing Gear

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I'm a materials engineering student and I have a school project for which I need your help. The project is about adaptive design. I'm supposed to choose a helicopter model and find the engineering drawing of its landing gear then after doing the necessary calculations, such as volume and forces etc., I'm going to recommend materials for production of the landing gear.

My problem is that I can't find any engineering drawings of helicopter landing gears. Does anyone have engineering drawings for a helicopter landing gear or do you know where I can find any?

It could be any model. I would be grateful, if you could help me. Thank you.

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I think you're going to have a hard time getting any design drawings from the companies because they consider it proprietary design property. I would reccomend contacting bell, eurocopter usa, sikorsky, schwiezer, or enstrom with your idea, stressing the fact that you're seeking them for academic purposes. Also, NASA's rotorcraft design department may be willing to help you.

Good luck and keep us posted on how you make out.

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