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Plane Crash in NYC, Yankee Pitcher feared dead


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Yankees pitcher feared dead


Small plane smashes into high-rise building

Yankees manager says plane owned by pitcher Cory Lidle

Pitcher believed dead; passport found in street, sources tell CNN

Flight restrictions imposed around crash site






Pretty terrible story, recently bought the plane and got is PPL only 7 months ago. :(

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Guest rookie101

Cory Lidle, the Yankee pitcher, did die in this crash as well as the IP accompnying him. Truly sad and frightening, thankfully no one else was killed in the building or on the ground. Of course all of our condolences go out towards their families.




They believe the reason they were in this area was to attempt to either ditch in the water were many float plans land and take off, there are also many heliports in the area so it was no accident they were in the area and flying so low. (DISCLAIMER: this is stuff I just heard from an interview so there may be some discrepancies between what I am saying now and the NTSB report.)

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this accident is truely a sad thing and condolences to the families.


this crash report for my area was compounded when we had a chemical plant expolsion and fire 2 blocks north of us and we had to evacuate the area, then this plane crash report came in and some here thot the smoke from the chemical plant fire caused the crash, local airport nearby. the part of the report stating "New york apartment building" didn't sink in rite away. :blink:

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