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What is the longest range a helicopter can do?


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Hi guys,


I am looking to buy a helicopter, so i hope someone can tell me what is the longest range and fastest speed a helicopter can do?


I was just browsing some site and read that a very old Bell about 21 years old was able to do speeds of 250kmh and a range of between 325 miles and 410 miles with extra fuel tanks. Now this really blows me away and that was back 21 years ago, so i wonder what kind of technology has gone into the helicopters now.


any help much appreciated



Many many thanks

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We operate an old Bell 206. It's almost 40 years old. With full fuel (we have the range extender on there) it holds about 4 hours of fuel plus 20 min reserves. Cruising at 100-110 knots this means a range of somewhere close to 400NM.


I don't think the range has gone up too much on newer helicopters. They will outperform this old girl any day of the week, but the fuelburn is also higher so range is not any longer.



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incase your still wondering the Mi-26 has a 1,080nm range on internal fuel and lifts 44,000 pounds.


Erm... It sure would be a kick to watch you buy one...


KC- Wow, finally a bird where I can place my fat butt AND fill both tanks !..Now, I just wonder what the head room is like ???

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quite a range.


Also check out the mil 12 "homer"

just a neat bird


I know none of this is REALLY relevant but it got me thinking.


The 300CBi has an aux tank that takes its range to 4.5 hrs @ 90kts. And it's cheap (relatively)

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