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Must read helo books?


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Rotorcraft flying Handbook - This is the FAA published book that a lot of examiners use as a reference for the oral exam.

Principles of helicopter flight - ISBN: 1-56027-217-1 Very good aerodynamics book!

Helicopter Maintenance - ISBN: 0-89100-281-2 If you want to know the mechanics behind it all.



POH for whatever aircraft you fly is of course also necessary!


There are several more good books out there, but these are the ones i usually recommend my students for their ratings. Also if you are going for your instrument rating, or instructor ratings, you need some additional books.


Good Luck.


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Guest rookie101
are there any decent online books floating around? I had a look in the online book thread and most of the links are broken or nonexistant now.


Since the FAA updated their website many of the links go to non-exsistent pages. The thread does need an overhaul, but since it's hard to find free books online the process could take some time. Here is the link to the FAA Rotocraft Flying Handbook and a link to the Pilot section of the FAA website. Also, Fatal Traps is supposed to put out the second print in December. Coincedence? Methinks not so. Since I've got the chance, check the links in the FAQ.




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Yeah, and harder to find than a Guttenburg Bible!!

When the hell is that 2nd printing anyways?


the second printing will be released in december, you can pre-order from many places, I ordered mine from www.helicoptersonly.com

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