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I just wanted to tell all you folks how much I respect the environment that has been created and maintained on this site. I have been to other forums and to tell you the truth ya just don't feel as comfortable asking questions or making comments. Now I'm not saying that they don't have a load of information but man you got to go through allot of crap too.


All that to say "Don't go changin.......to try and please meee...."


rock on

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I agree, I have been a (nonposting) member for a while now and the info on this site is great, along with the attitude of everyone here. Such a welcome change from Just Helicrapters. Thanks to all of you experienced guys who lend us your expert advice. I will definitely be asking many more question after I start my training which will be a little while as I am trying to avoid going in debt up to my a$$. This site is a GREAT resource thank you all.



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Such a welcome change from Just Helicrapters.

But they have such good entertainment value.



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