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Check your engine shroud locking wires.


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The other day while out flying at the airfield a radio call came through saying there was smoke pouring out of the back of an R22 being flown.

The instructor flying with a trainee at the time having just roled, made a quick cautionary landing and inspected the engine. An engine shroud had sprung down onto the aluminium oil line delivering oil back to the oil cooler. The locking wire had broken.

In less than an hour it had sawn through the line enough, allowing oil to flow out on to the exhaust system.

Who knows what may have happened if this had occured while flying over the nowhere, somewhere with no one to see and call.

It was the locking wire on the right rear cylinder head, holding the inner shroud in place . The edge is sharp and cuts if it springs down.

Maybe the designers could role the edges of these shrouds from now on.

Check yours and make sure.

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I showed the chief maintenance guy about a month ago that the spring for the shroud was cutting into the oil line. I bent the spring back to keep them apart and noticed that the spring had notched the oil line a bit. The maintenance guy said they'll replace it at the next 100 hr and get some ties to keep the spring off the line.


I saved my own life here. I feel like a hero..



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