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caribean jobs!!!!!!!!??????


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Does any one know how much of a demand there is for pilots down in the Carribean!? I just was curious . Also ...I worked in the Yacht scene for a while......any other yachties who have insight on helo pilots work in that world!?

I saw a few of the big guys with jet rangers on them ..... up Newport , Rhode Island way...they never seemed to fly much though . I thinks it seems alot for show me laddy . . I saw one with two on it and was like POLEEEEEEEEEZE . I guess when you sit at the Yacht club you can tell the guy next to you you have 2 as opposed to his one . Come to think of it....I may have said that in anouther subject in a way........ unfortunately I am Irish and all know thats not true...the Irish curse!!!! :lol:

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