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seattle schools

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i'm here in seattle and have visited Northwest and Classic. I know one guy from each school, both are working prof pilots. Anyone out there been to/talked to/looked at/attending either and have a recent opinion? There is also Adventure just north of the city...

Definitely interested in the smaller-scale school, but as I will be financing this dream (no need to go over the math again, i've followed all the threads and would rather write the big check every month than be miserable behind a desk every day for the next 20yrs) I wonder about finding a CFII gig when I'm done training. Also, what about some of the Ag jobs I see posted with min req 250hrs? How is that comparable in pay, hrs, experience to teaching your way to 1000?

Also, anyone out there actually worked PT while training FT? Gotta eat somehow but everyone says impossible. What does everyone consider FT training to be? Days/Hours flying/studying each week..? I just can't believe all the young helo pilots I know paid for training in cash...

Any experience and opinion appreciated, planning to start training in January. :)

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