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ATP Written Exam Question

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Looking for anyone who may be able to assist in answering a question regarding the validity time of a helicopter ATP written exam. After passing the exam it is valid for 2 years so an individual has 2 yrs to take his ATP checkride. This may be waived and extended if the individual is in a PT135 operation and in the PIC program. Does a person have to be in the program at the time of the exam or can he take the exam then get hired into the program and the extension is still valid? And is there any waivers or extensions if you are employed overseas where there are no FAA examiners available to give a check ride? If anyone has any knowledge or info on this I would love to hear it. I am thinking of taking my written ATP exam but I want to ensure it will be valid before I spend the money on it when I don't know when I will have a chance to get a checkride out of the way. Thanks.

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D. Expired Knowledge Test Report. An applicant

who is applying for an aircraft type rating to be added

to an ATP certificate or an aircraft type rating

concurrently with an ATP certificate may take the

practical test with an expired knowledge test report

provided the applicant is employed as a flight


(1) By a certificate holder under 14 CFR

parts 121, 125, or 135 at the time of the practical test

and has satisfactorily accomplished the operator’s

approved pilot-in-command (PIC) aircraft qualification

training program that is appropriate to the certificate or

rating sought

That says that you only have to be employed by a Part 135 operator at the time of the test, and be a PIC for them. If you're qualified to fly an R22 for a Part 135 operator, you qualify. There is no reference to employment at the time of the written test, or at any other time other than when the practical test is taken. This is from the FAA's manual for Designated Examiners.

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