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500 tail rotor balancing

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was doing some balancing today, and was asked by the pilot if we had to do the track alignment as we do on the astar,by spinning the blades by a screwdriver,etc that sits on the horizontal fin.and alligning them by loosening the through bolt.I said it is done by the component shop usually,and we just receive an exchange unit on these rent a wrecks.

We used a stick to check it and found the track off by 1/4 in.

I alligned it and spun it and found I had to take all the weight off the pitchlink that was on it...

learn something new every day...

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Centering the tail rotor assembly in the fork is not adjusting the track of the tail rotor. When you check for blade track, you are making sure the blades are flying in the same plane of rotation.


Centering the assembly makes the tail rotor concentric to the center of the output shaft. That's why you had to make a weight change.

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