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I don't think the difference is even noticeable flying it. I flew a D model and a 530F model. The pointed nose on the E caused a weird aerodynamic thing to happen which required the flat surfboard to be attached to the "dog house". You may see a hawk conversion which is the pointed nose without the surfboard on top. The engine limits are the same as long as you have the same engine (C20B). The 530F is different because it has more engine, longer main rotor blades, and a tail rotor extension. It still flies the same though. Best helicopter for confined areas, powerline construction, and light (relative to a Huey) slinging.


If you tell a MD 500 Pilot to hover on a dime, he/she will be able to do. Tell an Astar pilot to do the same and only the good pilots can. E, D, or F model, they all make you look good!


Anyway, I don't think you need any additional training in the E aside from looking at the Flight Manual and comparing the subtle differences (slightly larger cabin dimensions...).


On my OAS card it just says "MDH 500" and not specific to model but check with your own department. They may have different requirements.

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I currently fly both the "D" and "E" models.


There is really no difference flying either one. Although the "D" is faster and likes to float a little more (most likely due to they are usually a little lighter).  The difference between the C20B and C20R is the top of the green is 752 for the "B" and 755 for the "R". If it has a C20R in it (either one) then there is a good chance it has a digital TOT. That allows a little higher temps in the transient for that engine. No difference in torque limits. The "R" is suppose to be the altitude engine, but it pretty much konks out above 2K and is no better then the "B" engine.


There is some numbers for warranty stuff (blue dot) but our "D" has 17,000 hours and I would bet it ain't covered by any warranty anymore. And I do not remember them.


All in all, no real difference and should only be knowing the temp stuff, minor 1 kt speed differences, and what combination of doors you can take off.

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