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Having flown 500D's I was interested to see how the 530 performed and whether it was expensive to operate. I heard there was some problems with the electrics. Being a 500 fan I'm sure it is an exciting aircraft to get into. What weight can you sling with one and I guess the external weight is the only one that goes up.        cheers.
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I loved flying the 530F! It did burn a lot more fuel but at full fuel I had 1,000 pound useful. Don't remember all of the numbers anymore though but got this off the web:



one Allison 250-C30, takeoff: 425 shp, max continue: 350 shp



main rotor: 8.34 m, overall length: 9.8 m, height: 3.2 m, width: 1.9 m



empty: 722 kg, max: 1406 kg, useful load: 684 kg, external: 979 kg



max range (std fuel, no reserv): 440 km, max speed: 282 km/h,

max cruise: 250 km/h, max rate of climb: 10.5 m/sec,

service ceiling: 5700 m, IGE: 4877 m, OGE: 4389 m,

standard fuel: 242 liters 183 kg, max fuel: 435 liters


rotor rpm: main rotor: 477 rpm, tail rotor: 2848 rpm



Price of the MD 530F was 1,05 million US-Dollars in early 2000.

Direct operating costs were put at 211 US-Dollars/hour in 1999.

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