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Test prep software / DVD's etc ??

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For Interactive Training CD's / Videos, etc. What do you prefer?






I have the ASA 07 Private Pilot Test Prep, so far I'm happy with it. Has anyone used the Gleim version?





I used Dauntless Software's RideReady program, you download it, i think it was around 30 bucks. Well worth it in my opinion, has diagrams, maps, and lots of other useful information in the questions, and it will really help prep you for the oral exam (at least when I used it for the commercial it did). For the written I just used the ASA test prep.

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Download the Dauntless software and purchase each test when you come to it. I got a 98 on PPL and a 100 on the CPL with this program. I was suprised how easy it was to memorize and actually comprehend all of the available questions in a short three weeks! www.checkride.com They also have oral test prep, not as good but it will expose you to some more questions that could be asked.

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I was surprised at my preference because I love computers. The only two I tried were the ASA test prep book and the ASA test prep software. I liked the book more because I could take it with me anywhere (I don't have a laptop) and it was easy to mark off things as I did them, plus it was only $15. If I got something correct easily I put a yellow highlight on the question so I could skip it next time, or a red check if I missed it or it was not easy so I would do it again. I was shocked how close the test questions were to this book. If you can get through this book every time you will get a good grade on the written. I got a 90 and I learned some things that my flight school missed completely.

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Good luck :)

Fly Safe

Clark B)


I just finished and passed my ATP Helicopter (PT 135) Written exam. I used the ASA Test Prep and Prepware books/software and did very well on the exam. Just remember if you use the software it has a built in CRX-7, and if you use the CRX-7 flight computer to study with bring your own to the exam. The FAA test on line through the computer testing system does not have the CRX-7 for use as a testing supplement, so bring your own or you'll have to struggle to remember how to use the "Whiz Wheel". Which was a painful process. Good luck!

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