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DirecWay/HughesNet user???

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We have HughesNet at work and I always have problems with this site. When I try to login, the screen just reloads and doesn't log me in. It doesn't show an error message, bad password, it just reloads like nothing happened.


I have to go delete the @verticalreference[1].com cookie to be able to login. And I have to do that everytime I close IE or Netscape. If I leave the window open all day, it will keep me logged in.


When I'm at home on dial-up, no problems, I'm already logged in with the "remember me" function.


Any ideas....this has been going on for about 6+ months now. Can it have to be with the upstream to downstream delay because of the dish? I don't have with anything else with HughesNet except for our Citrix server at HQ--but that's another story.

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DirecWay uses an "unique" way of caching info which can play hob with proxy servers and many scripts. You may get some relief by cold-restarting the dish hardware, then clearing all your offline data before you start IE (or whatever browser you are using).


Of course, this may not help at all...

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At the bottom of the forum page is a "delete all cookies set by this board" link. You may need to do that prior to logging in each time. I'll see if there is a fix for you though. That sounds like a pain in the rear to me.







try it now and let me know the results.



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