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What to do after CPL

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Hi all, just after a bit of advice really.


I completed my CPL rotary back in march and since then have been studying towards a diplomia in management.

Now that I have completed all my studies I am looking for work or what my next line of study should be. I have been offered work as a loader/driver in NZ, however I reckon I still have more potential to study further and imporve my prospects in getting work as a pilot in the future.


My original thorts were to do a C Category Instructors rating, however due to the large costs and the fact that everyone seems to be doing it I am moving away from this option.


This has left me with the idea of becoming a L.A.M.E. and consequently I am enrolled at N.M.I.T. to complete there engineering course.


Is there positions within the industry for pilot/engineers worldwide, and will they be around in the future?


Basically I am just trying to establish if this move will pay off and be a worth while investment to my career as a pilot.


Please add any thorts, or if anyone knows of a pilot/engineer I could contact that would be great. Any help is greatly appreciated!!



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You want to be a pilot right? Skip the engineering thing and go the CFI route. Sure everyone else is doing it. but everyone else is also getting flying jobs out of it.


If you're still living in NZ, maybe try coming over to North America. Far more flying jobs to be had here. I got me a nice corporate gig with just a night and IFR ticket, and a year of hard labour on the ramp. Had a whopping 155 hours total when I started! :lol:


Stick with it, you'll get there.

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Hi all, just after a bit of advice really.


This has left me with the idea of becoming a L.A.M.E. and consequently I am enrolled at N.M.I.T. to complete there engineering course.





I did all my primary training at NAC in MOT and I know that the area is saturrated with pilots.. When did you get done with Penny and the NAC crew?? Is Alex or Art still flying there?? Dodgy Ref still as dodgy?

IT can't get any better working on the west coast in Franz or any of the other glaciers and the BIG BOYS only hire pilots that have got there 1000 or have been scrubbing floors for a long time..


I tried to do the C-cat thing too BUT got discouraged at NAC as to the amount of new students about one or two every four months as they came out of the Ground school.. BIG bummer.. so I took the NZ loan and made the most of it and flew the extra 110 hours it gives you ""towards your C-cat" wink wink"


Then returned to the US and converted my license and did the CFII track... it was a $$$ intensive thing at this end but now I'm working as a CFII and well I'm working! so its a bit better..


Look up Peter Boniface and Work Helicopters.. he does Spray with a 500 and Fert drops with a UH-1H so at least you get to work around some big stuff and the work is enjoyable .. He was working on getting his "E-CAT" so he can fly with you at times and get you ready for the closest thing to combat in the civilian world... flying an ag chopper spraying $h1t... I got to work for him a bit (5months) and it was very informative.. Otherwise.. MAN... look over seas... OZ is a great option...


go to http://www.jayrow.com.au/


They are hiring 2iC pilots for alot of positions and that will help you with your contacts and time ... just have to jump throught the CASA hoops a bit and dodge the flaming pitbulls.. BUT Good luck!



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