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Why do the French own it?


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Hello guys and gals -


What ever happened to the American civil helicopter manufacturing industry?


1. Was it GM Allison 250 Vs Turbomeca in the 1970's and 80's? (Flameout)

2. Lack of tort reform? (Greedy US lawyers and a foolish public)

3. Lack of innovation? (A Bell still looks like the 1965 206, a 1965 H500 still looks like a 500/900 today)

4. Were they chasing the military market and dumped us? ($$$$)

5. What has Sikorski and Bell done with all those mil profits? (At least MD is trying)



Pick your top 2 and post why you think so. Add another if have one.


A little history:

After the Alouette series Aerospatiale introduced by 1975:

SA319, Lama, Lynx, Puma, Gazelle, Dauphine 2 types (SA360/365N), Super Frelon. All well built, reliable machines and engines, several setting world records still holding today.


Our answer in 1975:



Then in 1980 Aerospatiale:

Astar 350 - and now EC 145. Game over? Sad isn't it. :(

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The AS 350 was built in 1975 as well. AStar is only the North American variant with the Lycoming engines. Now the AS 350 has become the EC 130 B4 model with Fenestron™.

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Linc - The EC130 was actually made up of parts from 3 different helos.


They took the front cabin section of the EC120 and made it wider.


They took the centre section of the AS350B2/B3


They took the tail section including the Fenestron of the EC135


Joined them all together and got the EC130. However its official designation is actually under the AS350 type certificate.



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