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Heli Fishing.


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Hi all,

Merry Christmas and Happy new year and all that.

Well! I have been learning lots of advanced flying lately.

One of the most difficult, Heli fishing, Rock landings.

Man, this stuff is not easy.

Even just visualizing a spot to touch down is tough.

Yesterday we got up to the Cavalli Islands. North of the Bay of islands in the north of New Zealand's north island. Resting place of Green Peace's, Rainbow Warrier that was sunk by the french in Auckland harbour a number of years ago. Now a divers play ground.

I tried to download some video for you to see but I was not successful.

Hope I can work out how to do it so you can enjoy a little of what I have been doing.

The fishing was good, catching a haul of snapper and nice size cod.

My point of the day is, don't try this at home! Well not with out someone who can teach you, cover you and generally advise you of the so many dangers involved.

I still wouldn't be keen landing alone at some of the places we landed.

Thankfully my boss a very experienced Ag pilot, Heli fisher, B cat instructor demon was along to show me the ropes.

Hope you enjoy the photo's and hopefully soon videos to come.

Fly safe.



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Good looking palce to put a heli... I did some landings like that on the west coast of the able tasman unloading trampers .. it was fun.. I also took a grip of fishermen into the Big lion river .. I have ahuge respect fot he NZ loandscape and it has taught me well.. ENJOY.

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