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R-44 Raven's 1 and 2


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Is there a good way to judge the fair market value of an R-44 Raven 1 or 2? I've heard that there is a formula you can use based on the TT and hours left on the machine before overhaul...


Would just like to know as I browse them a fair amount on Trade A Plane and Controller...

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where do I start: the aircraft new was approx 145,000. now the OH cost per hr is $48.00. Simple math show that the aircraft 2010x$48=$96,120 has been flown off leaving (145,000 - 94,480) $50,520 subtract 10% depreciation of approx 14,500 so the offer price should be $36,020. Purchase a 1989 with 500 hrs left for 32,000.

Hope this rule of thumb helps



This was posted on here in a thread about R22 overhaul cost. Don't know if the same figures apply to the 44 or not.

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The figures for a 22 don't come close to those for a 44.


There are significant differences between the Raven I and II...however the same basic rules apply. Its worth whatever you want to pay for it !


Take a brand new ship for example. you can easily spend 350K. That gives you 2200 hours, so without even figuring costs of annuals, 100 hour inspections, hangar and a thousand other things, you have at LEAST $160/hour. So if a new bird has 100 hours on it, it has lost at least that 16K in value ( 100X160). There is depreciation and a thousand other factors....the good news is the cost of a new ship seems to go up each year, and that helps the resale value in the used market..


Personally, the way I would look at it is the cost of the used bird ( lets say 250K). The hours used minus 2200 TBO..so lets say it has 800 hours on it, leaving 1400 hours to major overhaul. Subtract the value of a timed out ship ( probably 80-100K)..so 80K minus the 250, is 170K....that 170K divided into the 1400 hours left leaves a very basic cost per hour of 121.50 or so.( I dont figure in the cost of a rebuild, which is significant...upwards of 200K for a 44)


You can look at the rebuild situation two ways...hold back an additional chunk of bucks per hour or so...and that gives you a pool to rebuild the aircraft...or just sell it off as a timed out ship..


Kinda hard to describe...if you look at each ship focused on the hours remaining...all else being equal, you can see which one is the best deal. Good luck in spending your money.


BTW- checking their website, a new 44 RII is going for 369Kbasic, and about 390K with some decent options.

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