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Job Avalibility

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I have been hearing a lot of talk about people going to GoM after they get their 1000 hours in the air. What other jobs are you qualified for and what jobs will require more experience?

Some other jobs you can get with 1000 hours: Flying tours in Vegas or Alaska, co-pilot positions for logging and fires, light utility work, light agricultural support

Jobs that require more experience: EMS, ENG, Corporate, Captain on logging and fire fighting helicopters, spraying/fertilizing, IFR captain, heavy utilty stuff.....


Before reaching the 1000 hour mark you don't have a lot of options. CFI, photoflights, some light ag-support and some scenic rides, co-pilot positions maybe and that's about it.

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from part 91, not 61 sorry



(e) Except for operations when common carriage is not involved conducted with airplanes having a passenger-seat configuration of 20 seats or more, excluding any required crewmember seat, or a payload capacity of 6,000 pounds or more, this part does not apply to—


(1) Student instruction;


(2) Nonstop sightseeing flights conducted with aircraft having a passenger seat configuration of 30 or fewer, excluding each crewmember seat, and a payload capacity of 7,500 pounds or less, that begin and end at the same airport, and are conducted within a 25 statute mile radius of that airport; however, for nonstop sightseeing flights for compensation or hire conducted in the vicinity of the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, the requirements of SFAR 50–2 of this part or 14 CFR part 119, as applicable, apply;


(3) Ferry or training flights;


(4) Aerial work operations, including—


(i) Crop dusting, seeding, spraying, and bird chasing;


(ii) Banner towing;


(iii) Aerial photography or survey;


(iv) Fire fighting;


(v) Helicopter operations in construction or repair work (but it does apply to transportation to and from the site of operations); and


(vi) Powerline or pipeline patrol;


(5) Sightseeing flights conducted in hot air balloons;


(6) Nonstop flights conducted within a 25-statute-mile radius of the airport of takeoff carrying persons or objects for the purpose of conducting intentional parachute operations.


(7) Helicopter flights conducted within a 25 statute mile radius of the airport of takeoff if—


(i) Not more than two passengers are carried in the helicopter in addition to the required flightcrew;


(ii) Each flight is made under day VFR conditions;


(iii) The helicopter used is certificated in the standard category and complies with the 100-hour inspection requirements of part 91 of this chapter;


(iv) The operator notifies the FAA Flight Standards District Office responsible for the geographic area concerned at least 72 hours before each flight and furnishes any essential information that the office requests;


(v) The number of flights does not exceed a total of six in any calendar year;


(vi) Each flight has been approved by the Administrator; and


(vii) Cargo is not carried in or on the helicopter;


(8) Operations conducted under part 133 of this chapter or 375 of this title;


(9) Emergency mail service conducted under 49 U.S.C. 41906; or


(10) Operations conducted under the provisions of §91.321 of this chapter.


ok fling I'm confused on line 7 sub line i thru iv


can you clarify this? why would this be different than conducting a non stop sightseeing tour from said airport?

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ok fling I'm confused on line 7 sub line i thru iv


can you clarify this? why would this be different than conducting a non stop sightseeing tour from said airport?

Because it doesn't have to be non-stop, you can stop and let people off, or fly somewhere and pick them up. This is basically a part 135 ride, where you can act as an airtaxi, on-demand operation as long as the rest of the requirements are complied with.

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That little exclusion is written into the regs for one reason......Santa Claus. It's so a commercial (non-135) pilot can fly Santa Claus (or homecoming queen, Easter Bunny, or whomever) into a PR event. It doesn't spell that out in the reg; it leaves it up to the FSDO to what they'll approve for those six times in a calendar year.

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I have been flying Santa Claus into a local mall parkinglot the last 3 years, using this exact exclusion in the regs. Just send a written "application/notification" to the local FSDO and they usually call back the next day and say go for it. We have also done other 135 rides based on the exclusion.

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