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In your opinion what are the Sexiest Civilian Birds?


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For me its a close race between the Bell 430 and the MD 530F. The Bell b/c........well its Airwolf!!! :o :rolleyes: :D The MD b/c I'v always loved the way they look and the fact that its a pretty light thing and has 650shp!



If you want to get technical about it, Airwolf is/was a Bell 222... :), but I think the 430 is much nicer anyway, even without the machine guns...

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Guest rookie101

The Bell 430 is easily the best looking helo, but it's got to have the retractable landing gear, it just isn't the same with the skids. The skycrane has a special place in my heart though :D. Now if you wanna talk ugly, I think most members here know what I think is one of the uglier helicopters, the KMAX-1200. Here is a good picture of the 430 with some even better looking front seat occupents :D(courtesy airliners.net)



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For me the SA-365 Dauphin, very sexy, with the Bell 430 in a close second and the EC-130 third.

The ugly.........Hmmmm, I'd have to go with the Hiller UH-12 and the Alouette. (sorry Bossman) :(


To me Helicopters are kinda like Pizza and Women..................there all good, some are just better than others ;)

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As I currently fly the 430 and as my sig sugests I have lots of time in the 500 its a toss up. The 430 is a Bentley and the 500 a Ferrari. Both are damn good looking. Would make for a good threesome. :D And for the poster that talked about the 130, I sometimes fly one and as my mom once said "if you dont have anything good to say dont say anything at all"

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Sexy - EC120 & EC135

Most Excellent Looking - MD520N, MD Explorer

Fast and Capable while standing still - EC145, Bell 427

Appealing in a '67 Camaro sort of way - MD530F

Timeless classics - Bell 206 BIII, Hughes 500D

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Most beautiful: MD Explorer, Eurocopter EC155, Bell 430

Sexiest: EC 135, MD520N

Sexy in a mean way: RAH-66 Comanche....not a civie model, but to cool not to mention.

Sexiest sounding & Timeless classic: Bell UH-1H, loaded to the rims.

Most impressive: Skycrane and MI-26 HALO (loved the pic of it slinging out a chinook!)

Most impressive maneuverability: SA 341/342 Gazzelle


And now the not so beautiful, impressive and sexy ones.....


Weirdest: Sikorsky R-5, Kaman H-43 Huskie

Weirdest name: Kaman KA-25 "Hormone".....what? :huh:

Ugliest: Brantly B2 has been mentioned, the K-MAX is not very attractive either! (never fly anything that can have a mid-air collision with itself!!) :blink:

Most Dangerous: Any "Kit" helicopter built in a barn..... :o

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Fly By Heli,


The KA-25 Hormone isn't from Kaman, it is from the USSR.


The name is allocated by NATO convention, explained to me many years ago, so i have forgotten some of the bits. B for Bomber (Bear, Badger) F for Fighter (Foxbat, Fishbed) and H for Helicopter - WhoreMoan.


One syllable is propellor (Bear) and two syllable for turbojet. But the convention loses a bit there with the Hormone, as it is a turbine, but not a propellor. Dunno how they get around that one. :unsure:


Oh, and by the way, the best looking bird is an S-76.

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MD500D = SEX

EC135 = SEX with lots of friends

BH430 = Sex with Expensive Friends

Skycrane = Sex with friends you'd rather see in a sling

S76 = SEX with P0rn0 queen


um yea... so

Brantly, Mini 500 and the other things you can build in a barn is a long effort in the dark with yourself.. so enough said.

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I guess beauty is still in the eye of the beholder as I'll be happy to stand up and vote for the K-Max.


It may appear ugly to the unititiated or uninterested however I think it looks downright cool and power to pound there isn't anything that will touch it.



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and power to pound there isn't anything that will touch it.

You might be surprised....

The K-MAX has a power to weight ratio of 0.28 hp/lb. (1350HP to 4,690LB empty)

The skycrane has almost TWICE the power to weight ratio of 0.47 hp/lb (9118HP to 19,240LB)

The Chinook CH-47D has 0.39

Any machine that can lift more than its own weight is bound to have a high power to weight ratio.


oh...the Brantly B-2B has a power/weight ratio of 0.17 hp/lb.

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I was speaking in terms of how much it lifts to how much power it has.


K-MAX 1325 horsepower 12000 lb gross weight = 9.05 lbs/hp


S-64E 9118 horsepower 42000lb gross weight = 4.6 lbs/hp


Helicopters seldom fly empty so performance at empty weight is kind of moot in my opinion.



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Personally, anything multi-rotor is sexy to me. I love the K-Max (servo flaps... wooo).. Then again big girls need love too.. ;)


S-76, 430, 222, etc etc are quite sexy...


And I know I'm going to the gallows for this one, but I've never cared much for the Jet Ranger. Maybe because it's "the standard" and it's so common. Dunno. Sure wouldn't refuse to fly one though.


Brantley.. Um, yeah... :wacko:

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