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Flying abroad.


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I didn't want to hijack Pete's previous thread, so I'll start this new one here.


Pete mentions that he's going to Oz to work a fire contract. I'm only assuming here, and this is what brings the question, he's a US pilot going to Oz to work for a few months. My question is how does this work licensing wise? Can a US pilot fly in a foreign country for a limited time, and if so, what paperwork is required?


I understand that if I wanted to move to NZ or OZ or even Canada I'd have to convert my license, but what if it's just for a job? Perhaps someone with experience in the matter could provide some input? Ned, what do you have to do during your many varied adventures?


PS: I did try a search through the forum but seemed to come up with a bunch of junk hits. Too many common words maybe. Thanks in advance.

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For this job in Australia I just had to fill out several forms (1162 and 213) available on line from their Civil Aviation Safety Authority and fax them in along with $150 and you get an Australian license. Still trying to solve the workmans comp. problem


Was it a temporary license or a full Ausie license to be used till when ever? If temp what were the limitations?

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