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Helicopter School Report

Shawn Adams

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(I'm using Rotor-head's account)


Hey guys, I'm a senior in high school doing my senior project. I need help with some questions that I have for helicopter pilots specifically.


I'm doing my senior project on the pros and cons of training to become a helicopter pilot by training through the military or training through flight school.


Would you please leave some comments on your ideas of why someone should either train through the military or flight school?


This would be much appreciated.


(I'm trying to argue that training in the military is more advantageous than training in flight school)


Thanks for anything you can tell me.

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Shawn you should know better by now. any questions you may have for your research can be found through the search function.


if you have a specific question that is not answered in your search then by all means ask away.

I know that, but Jesse (the guy doing the report) is looking for a direct response to HIS question, so he can show he actually ASKED the question....



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then let him do the leg work.


all of us have had to do it at one point or another

he is doing the leg work.. He asked the question... He is doing the research. I just let him use my computer to post his question here on the forum.


It would be great if you could help him out and give him some good info for his school project...



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good on you for the use of your computer for the research.


search and then ask away.


good luck in your quest for your answers, as no one answer will be correct or that of popular opinion as each pilot (and A&P) has his/her own reason for going through the path they chose or will choose for their quest to satisfy their desire to be in the helicopter (aviation) industry.

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Is this your high school project?


What you have asked is an enourmous open question. As someone said, the answers will vary greatly.


It is also so broard that people won't be inclined to answer.


If this is a serious questionaire survey, then I maybe you should have a look at the design and the tools you are using for gaining information.


Here is a great book:


Questionnaire Design, Interviewing and Attitude Measurement (A.N. OPPENHEIM) 1992


It will show you that questionaires have to be thought out carefully.


Otherwise you can always use the information on this site by using the 'search' button.


Good luck with your research.



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Getting your helicopter pilot's license either through the military or civilian route is more of a fate or just how it worked utilizing the best scenario.


I was ready to go the military route (high school to flight school) but the recruiter left some doubts in me (bad recruiter). So, I ended up going the civilian route. Had to save up a lot of money working at the pulp mill but I still got the license. I think I would have had a different experience going military. The flight hours that the helicopter pilot flew back then (almost 20 years ago) left them in quite the bad position when they got out. Some only had 500 hours of flight time and were barely qualified to fly 135 flights (even though they could fly the living daylights out of a helicopter). The military was scaling back in the 80's and 90's and the flight time was mostly simulator time. Now it seems to be a different story but I'm not in the active services so that would be better answered by someone else.


Good luck on your paper.



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I've got a good idea. If you really want to get a response, why not entitle this thread:


A military trained pilot will have more advantages than a civilian one!: Discuss

A high school research project.


Then I am sure you will get a host of replies. Maybe you could ask Rey to change the topic title.


You still need to be very sure how you will gather the information from the posts.


Also it is good etiquette to share the results of any research you do with those involved. A summary at the end of the thread telling people what you found.


Good luck again!



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