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I am working for a contractor in Iraq.I am going to start school for my professional helicopter in June 08 that gives me 16 months left here in the desert.On the other hand knowing my plans and already having the cash in hand to fund my schooling I am looking for books to study.Not looking for anything free unless there is a way.I want to go into this with as much of a head start as I can (which is why I am sucking up to the medivac pilots for the army.)I bought the FAR Aim which is a must I know and principles of helicopter flight but reading this book I feel as though I missed a huge step..so any order to these 1,000 books they sale would be a start...Any help would be appreciated...

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I have purchased several books for home study. I have Jepp PP GFD (fixed wing), Rotorcraft Flying Handbook, Principles of Helicopter Flight, ASA Test Prep, Jepp Helicopter Pilot Exercises Workbook, and Jepp Helicopter Pilot Manual, good for both part 61/141.




Out of all of these, I really like the Jepp Helicopter Pilot Manual. It is taylored to the Schweizer 300cb, but that is not a problem even if you plan to fly Robbies..It is a paper back type book and smaller than the Jepp GFD Hardcover Private book. The book is well rounded. There are a few things that could probably be better covered and would be nice to have some color, its all B/W. You will still need a FAR/AIM to supplement the Jepp. You could pickup a test prep or FAR/AIM, but you say you will be gone for 16 months? The FAR and Test Prep will have updates yearly, so you might wait on those two or not, your call on that.




Good Luck...

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