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Question for you Gomers


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This is somewhat helicopter related, A while back some friends and I chartered a fishing boat out of Orange Beach for a good 12 hr trip. We fished mostly submerged wrecks but did try our luck at a small platform. This platform was unmanned and had one hell of a loud buzzer firing off at probably 15 or 20 second intervals. The top of the platform was metal grate and there was nothing sticking out above it. My question is, what the heck is this platform for? Are there unmanned refueling platforms for you guys?, how does this work when flying solo? My apologies for the strange question? It have been wondering about this for a while.



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It was probably a small production platform, with one well, which was flowed to another manned platform some distance away. The flat deck is the helideck, for the helicopter to land on when it needs service. Any obstruction is required to have a foghorn to warn vessels when the visibility is limited, and that is normally done by batteries charged by solar panels. You never know when the weather will come down, so these small platforms normally have the foghorn working all the time. There should also be nav lights, flashing strobes, on each corner, but they're usually on a photo lens, and only work when it's dark.

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