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Looking for IFR checkride help

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This is just for IFR.


Can anyone recommend any online checkride preparation courses/software.

I have the flight time just need to build more confidence for the oral part.

Any suggestions for seminars would be great too. (know of aopa's, but would like more helo based)


THANKS :mellow:

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I used their written test prep for all my written tests. I haven't used the oral exam prep, but I hear it's just as good as the written prep. I would recommend it.



I second the Oral Exam Guide. Both my fixed-wing instrument rating and helo-instrument add-on were entirely asked out of that book. Other good references are the Instrument Flying Handbook and Instrument Approach Procedures Handbook. All should be available on the FAA's website.


Also look into the Aeronautical Chart User's Guide too while you're there. It has some good info on ELA's and sectionals that could benefit you on your ride.


Good luck!

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