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List of required flight training books.

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Sure, this mlight be overkill and I'm not sure what u have so here goes


1.rotorcraft flying handbook, faa

2. principles of helicopter flight, wagtendonk

3. cyclic and collective, coyle

4. Aviation weather, jeppessen

5. aviation weather services, faa AC 00-45E

6. instrument, commercial/cfi practical test standards and oral exam guides, ASA

7. aviation instructors handbook, faa

8. Instrument Procedures Handbook, ASA



Also good- Fatal Traps for Helicopter Pilots, white

I see u have a robbie avatar but Schwiezer's Helicopter Pilot's Handbook has just about everything in it, although I heard a rumor they stopped making it.



Remember, you can never have too many books...even if they are heavy. The ones that seem optiional will help when you're doing your CFI, sometimes a different explaination is all it takes to understand that problem area. Gook Luck

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67N, Is crouchers book formatted to FAA standards and terms? Ive only seen it used by JAR and Canadian pilots. Not that it makes a huge difference and wouldnt be good to have, but just wondering.


yes it is, I chatted with Phil about a week ago and he says it everything you need in 1 book.

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You'll get kudos and extra-ciricular marks for reading Chickenhawk too.


Seriously a must read for any heli pilot.


Definitey! Just started reading Night Stalkers too, its by Mike Durant, one of the blackhawk down pilots. Not as good as chickenhawk but still about helicopters. I have wet dreams about the 160th SOAR. dont tell anyone.

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another good one BUT is JAR based is ...


"The Private Helicopter Pilot's Guide"


By: Steven P Sparrow


he's a brit and has great simple drawings of complex topics.. and its a light book.. so it can travel.. my copy came from NZ and has been used to help me help students understand some things.. take it with a grain of salt though.. those brits have some funny humor..

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