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Major Bummage


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HTS had a 214 setting on their pad yesterday. They started it up a couple of times for a few minutes.


I was watching a DVD and after that, I said 'later' to Mike. I need to tell you that Mike, while being my IP, also flys for HTS. That being said, I went back to the FBO to get ready for the ride home. That's when the 214 decides to spool up and take off.


While fun to watch, I see Mike coming to the FBO and as he walks up, he tells me that he thought I was gone and that he could've gotten me a ride in the 214. That's when I pulled out my RPG and blew him up.


I was completely bummed. What made it worse is the the 214 came back, hooked up a Bambi bucket, and went straight up. Well, that was the twist of the knife in my gut.


OK, so I figure that it was no big deal and get on my bike and go home.


So, I'm still devistated.


Excuse me while I go kill myself.




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Guest rookie101
That is a major bummage. Timing is everything it seems, but I bet you may still have a chance in the near future!


PS, since your dead now can I have your seat in the 214 on the next ride?


You'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands first B21 :angry: :lol: ;)

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